From the Editor

Greetings all!

We always appreciate comments on our newsletters and suggestions for content that would interest members. Please email me whenever a thought crosses your mind!

More importantly, I am inviting you to contribute. Do you sometimes have life-space for a challenge which would give satisfaction? Pick a topic of special appeal to you, something you
have been meaning to learn about, research it and write it up for others to read. The options are wide.

For example:
a pigment– ‘The characteristics of burnt umber’;
a technique – ‘Paintingwet-in-wet’;
equipment – ‘The range of sketchbooks for watercolour’;
a watercolour artist of New Zealand – ‘The work of D.K.Richmond’;
an international watercolourist, contemporary or historical – ‘The paintings of Nitin Singh’;
art in your region – ‘Watercolour in Golden Bay’ ……… any topic that engrosses you will interest members.

John Toft and I write most of the articles and would like to build a team of contributors. We already have some excellent writers.

Please note that we are very happy to ‘knock your writing into shape’ if you are shy about words. Do the research and we’ll assist with the article.

Please email me with your ideas.

Sue Wild, Editor

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