The 2018 Camberwell Art Show

Melbourne artist Greg Allen is known and appreciated by many members of Watercolour New Zealand. He has visited Wellington four times in the last six years to tutor workshops for our members.

We were delighted to see that Greg won the prize for Best Work on Paper at the Camberwell Art Show 2018 in Melbourne, Australia’s largest and preeminent art event.

Greg says his winning painting, “Karl at Swan Hill”, was designed to be different and unique - to attract the judge’s eye - and it worked!

The judge’s wrote “Greg Allen handles the watercolour medium with a simple confidence which capitalises on the transparent and liquid aspects of the medium.

Watercolour captures brightness and shadowing and in the hands of a very good painter appears effortless. This scene of a painter inside an old building is strongly designed with the diagonal separation of shadow balancing light creating a structure that casts the main subject into a place of immediate interest.”

Congratulations, Greg!

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