The Kelliher Art Trust Touring Exhibition comes to Akaroa

An exhibition of prize-winning New Zealand landscape paintings from the Kelliher Art competition 1956 - 1977 will be shown at the Akaroa Powerhouse Gallery from 26 October to 24 November 2019.

This is only the second time in 63 years that a selection of Kelliher paintings has been shown in the South Island. The paintings to be displayed are iconic New Zealand landscapes, either Kelliher competition prize winners or paintings acquired or commissioned by the Kelliher Art Trust.

Among the artists to be exhibited are Peter McIntyre, Cedric Savage, David Barker, Austen Deans, Colin Wheeler, Robert McDowell, Richard McWhannell, Michael Smither, Rita Angus, Stanley Palmer, Dick Frizzell, Toss Woollaston, Douglas Badcock.

Make a special trip of it. This is a unique chance to view paintings not often seen in one place. At the same time you can enjoy all the pleasures of Akaroa including dolphin and penguin watching, walks, great food, legendary fish and chips and exploring the outer bays.

Exhibition dates: 26 October to 24 November 2019.
Venue: The Powerhouse Gallery, Akaroa
Entry fee: $5. Extra donations will be appreciated. All proceeds
go to the rebuild of the Akaroa Hospital, a victim of the 2010/2011

Group guided tours may be available on request.

Contact the President of the Akaroa Powerhouse Gallery for further
details: Bryan Tichborne: or (03) 3047878.

The Orion Powerhouse Gallery, Akaroa

1 Rue Pompallier, Akaroa

The Gallery is a Charitable Trust established in 1987 for the purpose of promoting the arts in Akaroa and the Banks Peninsula.

The Gallery generously allowed Watercolour New Zealand members to paint indoors and share their work during the weekend.

The historic building began life in 1911, housing Akaroa’s hydro-electric power equipment. Several years later it was extended to house a gas engine and workshop both of which remained in use until the mid-1950s when the equipment was sold to the Maruia Springs Hotel.

In 1970, then local resident, Patricia Bosshard, established a gallery and concert venue in the empty building. She organised concerts and a film society. In 1977 an incorporated society took over the running
of the Powerhouse venue. Financial support for the project was provided by the local power company Orion.

Today, the Akaroa Art Gallery is an iconic and much-loved Akaroa institution with a membership of 150 people from all over Canterbury.

In about 2000 the hydro-electric plant at Maruia Springs became redundant. With help from local volunteers and support from the Akaroa Civic Trust the equipment was then returned to the Orion Powerhouse Gallery where it remains to this day. A strong committee and trained volunteers hold exhibitions through
the summer months and forums throughout the year.

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