'Splash' 2015 Exhibition "WW1 in Watercolours"

18 April - 3 May 2015 at St Paul's Cathedral, Wellington

Deadline for "Postcards to the Front" Entries extended one week to Sunday 8 February 2015

Hi everyone

"WW1 in watercolours" at 'Splash' is gathering steam for a great 'Splash' in April.

Exhibition Manager Claire Clark reports that in the "Postcards to the Front" section, we have had 43 entries submitted on a very wide range of topics. Some are sensitive studies, others tell a story, and there are timeless landscapes and farming scenes that could only be New Zealand. She says it is a pleasure to open your emails and see the postcards you have submitted. See current entries....

A few members have apologized for missing the February 1st cut-off date for entries and asked for a brief extension of the deadline.

The final deadline is now February 8th.

This extension will help a few members who went off topic and are resubmitting. It also means that those of you who are unsure of how to tackle the topic can.

I hope this encourages you to rise to the challenge and use your drawing skills and understanding of composition to produce a small, but beautifully thought out painting.

Send in your entries.


Good luck!

Minders and Helpers for 'Splash'

The Committee will begin contacting members to ask for assistance with Receiving on Tuesday 14th April and layout and hanging over Wednesday and Thursday 15-16 April. Helpers are required for food prep and setting up the Bar on Friday 17th.

For those of you coming to Wellington for the Safari, why not come a little earlier and you can get involved and meet members as we all work together. All our fantastic team of Minders will be approached and asked to volunteer for morning or afternoon sessions. If you have never done it before, don't worry as we try to pair you up with an experienced minder.

We are going to need lots of new people helping out as this exhibition runs for a fortnight. At the end of the exhibition Collection Day always needs lots of helpers and this year it will be on Monday May 4th.

We look forward to seeing you at 'Splash'.

Best wishes

Alfred Memelink
Past President

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