'Splash' 2015 "WW1 in Watercolours" - 18 April - 3 May 2015

"Postcards to the Front"

(Closing date for entries: 1st February 2015)

Deadline extended one more week to 8th February 2015!

A special section of small postcard sized paintings has been introduced for this Splash.

Watercolour New Zealand has sourced 60 identical white frames with a single off-white mount for paintings sized 167mm x 118mm. These framed postcards will be exhibited together as a snapshot of historical New Zealand scenes and life in 1914 -1918. Postcards would have reminded servicemen of home so start thinking about topics to paint eg Mum wearing her pinny hanging out the washing or cooking over the coal range, the opening of the new Post Office, fishing along the river, the family dog or picnics at the beach. Or perhaps the countryside with shearing sheds and picturesque mountains.

There will be a pre-selection process based on submitting photographs with an entry form, only selected works will be charged the $10 entry fee, works will be submitted unframed and there is an additional fee of $20 for the frame which you will own if the painting does not sell. When you start to paint remember to allow for a margin so paint slightly bigger than 167mm x 118mm. Keep your signature small. Entry forms will be available in December. Members can submit an unlimited number of postcards for the pre-selection.

Download Entry Forms (PDF 404 KB)

  • All works in the "Postcards to the Front" section will be framed in an identical manner in a white wooden frame with a single off-white coloured mount.
  • Unframed works are to be submitted on paper no larger than 280mm x 250mm.
  • Framed work will be 167mm x 118mm.
  • Please paint slightly larger than 167mm x 118mm to ensure the single off-white coloured mount covers the edges of the work.
  • Signatures should be small and in from the edge of the work.
  • Work may be painted in landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Adhere a tidy label to the back of each work which states the artist’s name, title of work, price (in New Zealand dollars including 15% GST) to correspond with the entry form.
  • All works will be inserted into frames by members of Watercolour New Zealand.
Photographs of the frames. Scale is a 30cm ruler.

Portrait style

Landscape style

Iconic WW1 contemporary artworks

The New Zealand Government’s WW1 commemorative strategy includes the vision that some iconic artworks might be created by New Zealand’s contemporary artists. This is a challenge to those of you who are moved to create such works.

Finding WW1 watercolours

Members have come forward with WW1 watercolours painted by servicemen in their families. BUT do you know of other family collections around New Zealand? The search continues to find more watercolours or other artwork that may not have been displayed for 100 years.

WW1 events in the Cathedral

During Splash, there will be services of commemoration around ANZAC Day and a WW1 Singalong on May 2 with the Band of the 7th Wellington Hawkes Bay Battalion. There may be opportunities to inspect the Bell Tower and the Flag Room where Regimental Flags are laid up. Floor talks will be held on War Art and conservation advice for families with war memorabilia in their care.


Claire Clark
Exhibition Manager
Phone: (04) 236 7928