Workshop Review – PERSPECTIVE tutored by Charlotte Hird

The Queen of Perspective

About thirteen eager watercolourists congregated at Charlotte Hird’s two day workshop to take this Perspective bull by the horns and succeed we did! Charlotte had a great set up using a camera projector for the class to view and follow her demos. We systematically worked out the spatial depth from 1 to 3 point perspective, smoothly sailing from converging railway lines to 27th storey hotel balconies. We did cylinders, telegraph poles, arches, bicycles, buildings, people, trees, cars, interiors and wine glasses.

The secret of drawing a straight line free hand is to put down point A and without lifting your hand to focus on point B. Then without taking your eyes off point B, stretch your point from point A to reach point B. Try it, it really works with a little practice and is great fun taking that leap of faith on paper. Gradually increase the speed of the stroke and watch it get straighter and straighter. Charlotte has been teaching architectural drawing to students at Wuhan University, China and has published a book of her paintings. A Perspective Refresher workshop from time to time would be great to keep this valuable skill well oiled.

Report by Pavithra Devadatta

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