Workshop Review – Painting Flowers in Watercolour with Svetlana Orinko

Skill with watercolour techniques and patience were shown in plenty by Svetlana at her workshop 16-17 March 2019 at Karori.

The wet on wet technique that was demonstrated was challenging but exciting and the large group of keen watercolourists were certainly given a challenge. Detailed demonstrations by Svetlana enabled one to experience the steps taken to produce her beautifully orchestrated works. I struggled to duplicate the detail and perfection of the subject but obtained valuable lessons in that to achieve from the exercise one needed to have done a careful and accurate drawing and then have courage and confidence to use plenty of wet, strong pigment to gain a depth of colour.

We were all grateful to Svetlana for her time and fortunate that she was able to arrive from Christchurch after the devastating drama of Friday 15th March in her home city.

Judy Prictor

Pushing Boundaries in Watercolour

Tutor: Svetlana Orinko

‘Happy Green’ Indian Yellow (Schmincke) mixed with Sap Green (Daniel Smith) and sometimes a little Quinacridone Burnt Orange is how we will remember our fabulous weekend with the highly talented Svetlana Orinko.

On Saturday Svetlana showed us her numerous techniques for applying watercolours to Arches 300gsm cold pressed paper to create visual harmony. Her demonstration was of the beautiful rose, Sally Holmes. The first wash was very wet with bold and loose pigments, then allowed to dry thoroughly. She reiterated through the day the need to ‘plan ahead’ and light being the most important things.

We were all in awe when Svetlana demonstrated her lifting out techniques with the Neef lifting brushes and gorgeous raindrops highlighted with the smallest touch of Dr Phil Martin’s ‘Bleed Proof White’. We learned about cold light and warm shadows, demonstrated on the rose and how light describes the form.

Svetlana uses a large plastic palette with a lid and has the pigments in the consistency
of thick cream so there are no interruptions once she begins to paint.

On Sunday we were all full of excitement as Svetlana demonstrated her technique for painting fluffy animals using inks. What a treat to watch a beautiful fluffy cat appear like magic as gravity was used on a sheet of unstretched paper. The only time masking fluid was used was for the eyes. An enthusiastic group of cat lovers could hardly wait to paint their beloved pets.

Thank you Svetlana for a truly memorable weekend.

Jenny Walker

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