'Go with the Flow' Jacky Pearson’s Workshop

Fabulous!.. the best word I can think of right now to describe this workshop. A dictionary definition of fabulous is ‘extremely pleasing’ and it really was a weekend of extremely pleasing watercolour tuition and practice resulting in both a completed landscape and a street scene together with a host of advice about colour mixing and techniques.

A lot of ground was covered, including the use of the ‘Golden Mean’ rather than the ‘Rule of Thirds’ when placing the focal point(s) in a composition and the focus of achieving a successful wash ‘flowed’ around the juggling of ‘water, pigment, timing & gravity’.

Jacky’s natural teaching ability enabled everyone to gain much during these two days and to advance
their individual artistic skills whether a beginner, intermediate painter or the more experienced watercolour artist.

Stephen Gilliver
August 2018

Jacky Pearson’s ‘Shadows and Light’ Workshop

When signing up for this workshop, I had mistakenly imagined that we’d be spending the weekend working on landscapes/seascapes incorporating shadows and light.

As Jacky handed out the pictures from which we’d be working I almost ran out the door kicking and screaming - the subjects were a horse and a man with a stop sign! But, as usual, Jacky was very generous with her information and helpful in every way. It was creating magic to see the different wash layers changing the colours and leaving white paper in strategic places to catch the light.

Trying to paint faces was a challenge but, under Jacky’s guidance, it all worked. There were also lessons in capturing figures in crowd scenes without too much emphasis on features, using light and shade.

A challenging and rewarding workshop. Thank you, Jacky.

Joyce Heal

Jacky Pearson’s Watercolour for Beginners Workshop

Watercolour is a challenging medium and in Jacky Pearson, Watercolour New Zealand has found the perfect beginners’ tutor. The barriers to learning were minimised with materials provided, careful step-by-step instruction, comprehensive notes and ample demonstrations.

Initially Jacky taught us how to use the brushes and mix the paint to make different washes. I had never achieved a successful graded wash before. However, doing this on small scale with very exact instructions on the ratio of water to paint saw me achieve an acceptable result within a short time.

We began a small landscape with a graded wash toward the horizon line, a few hills and fields in afternoon light. The key learning point was how to depict distance and depth in a painting through colour and scale. We took photos of Jacky’s technique posters and agreed that she should write a book!

On Sunday we completed our paintings with trees in the mid-ground complete with shadows and a foreground fenceline and large tree. I think the technique for shadows will require a lot more practice as this was designed as an introductory course.

Then we learned how to paint a boat in water using our stretched paper from Saturday with its sunset sky as the base.

I missed the critique as I had to leave early but the workshop is the best I have ever attended and I look forward to more.

Margaret Taylor

Watercolour NZ
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