Calligraphy workshop 2018

Tutor: Daniel Reeve

The class ranged from competent calligraphers to beginners, yet tutor Daniel Reeve kept all engrossed and challenged. An excellent document camera and projector meant that all could clearly and closely observe Daniel’s actions as he formed letters.

We focused on italics, learning the attributes that characterise the script, along with embellishments for the advanced among us. Daniel used his own impressive calligraphic artworks to introduce us to a range of scripts and forms of presentation. He instructed us on how to combine calligraphy with watercolour and the pros and cons of which comes first – ink or paint. A very informative day, providing us with plenty to practice.

There’s many an occasion where some neat calligraphy can be used, from a birthday card to an enhanced artwork. Thanks Dan.

Sue Wild

‘Perspective In Depth’ workshop

This course surpassed all expectations. This matches the excellent ‘Limited Palette’ Watercolour New Zealand course that I attended, which was tutored by Dan in 2010.

I am the first to admit, that before I attended this course perspective was a bit hit-and-miss, when drawing buildings or street-scapes. Sometimes I would get it right other times I would not!

With Dan’s expert instruction and extensive experience in perspective and with the use of a Greek Temple model and Lego® man as a teaching aid, the penny dropped and I learnt the difference between a painting painted from a bird’s eye view, head height view and Lego® man’s view!

We were taught linear perspective (vanishing points, horizons, figures in a scene, subjective viewpoints, the effect of proximity in portraiture and foreshortening.) In addition, aerial perspective (which we decided would be more appropriately named “atmospheric perspective”) with diminishing tonal contrast and diminishing warm colours.

I found it interesting that if you are about the same height as another person, car or other objects, the tops of them are going to be placed at around the horizon line.

I found vertical vanishing points intriguing – where you are standing on a 20 storey building looking over at a 40 storey building – the top of the building vanishes to a point up at the sky, and the bottom, if the lines kept going, would vanish somewhere beneath the surface of the earth!

This was a highly informative and enjoyable course. Many thanks Dan. I am looking forward to Dan’s next workshop!

Martin Jenkins

Watercolour NZ
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